Vintage Sweet Shoppe

The Vintage Sweet Shoppe has been open in the Napa Valley for over twenty-five years. We hand make our chocolates using the finest ingredients and we dedicate ourselves to providing you with products you can be proud to give for every wonderful occasion or to market in your own business setting.
We are truly family run business and as every family business, we have our story. My mother came from Newfoundland many years ago and with her came her mothers talents in the kitchen, my grandmother was a private chef and when the weather was severe which was often the case in Newfoundland she entertained her children in the kitchen by making candy. My mother raised us with the same love of good old-fashioned kitchen fun and by the age of five, I was entering in cake decorating and candy making contests. My friends recall their fondest memories are of my mother allowing us to have taffy pulls also teaching us how to work with chocolate and even how to make rock candy.
We hope our candy can evoke your warm childhood memories with every bite!
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